BOOSTERS 獨一無二系列,根據各種肌膚問題,整合出五條對應線,這五瓶精華液,可以根據季節性與肌膚類型,在不同的問題區域中,互相結合調配出專屬問題調理的美容產品。

Faced with the great diversity of skin types and the different needs of the consumer at all times, the innovative concept of personalised cosmetics has arrived.

Lab Division Boosters makes it possible to enables adjust the treatment according to the needs of the skin, due to the combination of the different boosters that make up the line. The 5 concentrates are completely combinable with each other, so we can treat our client’s skin exhaustively according to its type or seasonal needs as well as differentiating the treatment in different areas of the face if necessary.